Terms of Use

This website was made to help people who are new to programming and their projects are not too good to be sold. Users are allowed to publish their source code of project and earn some amount of money when someone downloads their project.

This website doesn't contains nulled projects, we allow to publish only personal projects.
Users from all countries are allowed to publish a project and earn money.

How To Upload a Project?

  1. Unregistered users are not allowed to publish a project.
  2. Register new account. (It is FREE)
  3. Click on "Add Project" in Main navigation bar.
  4. Fill in all fields and add an image (Screenshot of your project).
  5. Download Link? - Archive your project (zip, rar...) and upload it to some online disk (Google drive, OneDrive...) and then post download link in the field.
  6. You are allowed to record how to use your project and upload it to youtube, then post link in the Youtube Link Field. (You can earn extra money from youtube because a lot of people will watch your video.)
  7. Click on "Publish"
  8. Your project will be online after 24 hours, until administration checks it.

How To Earn Money?

  1. You are earning money only when you publish your project and some users downloads it.
  2. You will not earn money when you download your own project.
  3. And as we said, you can earn extra money from youtube (not from us) for uploading video "How to use your project". (100.000 views is around $100)

How Much You Can Earn From Website?

You get $0.001 per Download, and the minimum withdraw is $10.

How To WithDraw Money?

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Click on "WithDraw?"
  3. Choose on of three option (Credit Card, PayPal or Payoneer).
  4. Fill in all the fields.
  5. The transaction will be complete in 24 - 72 Hours.